Oleksin pisut paremat tulemust lootnud, aga…

Your final score was 99/180

Birthday Party DJ (73-108 points)
You are a rabid consumer of music. You get a rush every time you hear something new but remain faithful to those artists you love. Your music collection represents who you are and what you care about and your home may even bear the tell-tale signs of your affections – posters, old band t-shirts and the odd music biography. But you aren’t a completist, you know what you like and make sure you have it. Simple as that. To expand your repertoire, perhaps there are some genres that you’d benefit from giving a little more attention to – perhaps now is the time to hear something new or get hold of that missing album from your collection.

Heh, aga enda arust ma tegelen kogu aeg uute žanride/bändide/artistide avastamisega. Aga kindlad lemmikud on mul olemas küll. Mõned kelleta ma kohe üldse elada ei suudaks (nu pisike liialdus siinkohal) oleksid: Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Cat Stevens, Jimi Hendrix, Magma…oijah tegelikult on neidki veel liiga palju, aga Tom Waits’ita ei saaks kohe kuidagi läbi siin ilmas.


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  1. Lisa kommentaar

Lisa kommentaar

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